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How it all began

We are a team of architects and marketing specialists that wanted to take our work steps ahead through providing tech-forward visualization services. This guided us to found iN, which is a professional company that provides a real estate creative services under the umbrella of Centaurus PC.
Centaurus P.C. Is a real estate investment  consultancy in Greece with a long-term vision to gain recognition as a trusted brand to ensure major contribution in a healthy developing Real Estate Market by facilitating the foreign investments entry to the Greek real estate market.

We are a group of experts & consultants in the Real Estate & the Residence Permit by Investment were gathered to bring our clients their dream homes/investments with the luxury of choosing among a variety of different options ensuring the optimum tailored deals that our clients needs & desires.

With an exclusive focus on properties in Greece we can actively turn the real estate dreams and investments in the Greek real estate market into a rewarding reality. ‘Centaurus P.C. has been quick to set the quality level of service in Greece that many other companies fail to achieve. This has helped us position ourselves as a trend- setting pioneer in the field of the Real Estate as we follow a different style of approaching and supporting our clientele .
As a part of an extremely dynamic environment where competition keeps us on our toes, we are glad to have been able to support the implementation of multimillion of foreign investments in the Greek real estate market.


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